Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions  
-By paying your deposit you agree that you have read and understood our terms and conditions. 
-You will be liable for any damages that occur to the equipment while in your care due to the misuse and neglect of the equipment. 
-If items are returned dirty, covered in food, drink, confetti, grass, sand or mud there will be a $40 cleaning fee deducted from your bond. 
-If any soft play, toddler castle or playhouse castle are left to get wet, you will loose your $100 bond. It is your responsibility to get them in BEFORE it rains. 

packages can go outside but MUST have an indoor back up option as this equipment is in high demand there wont be any refunds if there is a cancellation made within 7 days of your event. Soft play equipment can absolutely NOT GET WET and will not be set up outdoors if forecast rain and will not be set up on wet or damp areas. It is the responsibility of the hirer the ensure that all equipment is taken inside in the event of rain and that all rules and age restrictions are followed. STRICTLY NO FACE PAINT.
No one over the recommended age
No shoes
Socks to be warn at all times
No food or drink
No face paint
No confetti
No water play

BALL PITS (soft play)
Children must have socks on at all times in order to enter the ball pit. These can also NOT get wet and NO face paint. 

If either parties have to cancel the bouncy castles due to the weather a full refund of the castle will be given. A decision will be made on the morning of your event if a cancellation is required. We will have to cancel the bouncy castle if there is rain and winds including gusts are predicted to be over 35km. Once equipment has been delivered we will be required to collect the castle immediately if it starts to rain as it can absolutely not get wet. Once the equipment has been delivered there will be no refunds given. Please ensure you have suitable power source and easy access for our large castles to be delivered on a trolley which weigh up to 145kg. Bouncy castles can be set up on grass ONLY. Bouncy castles will not be set up on concrete, mud/dirt, sand, gravel or uneven surface. If you intend for the bouncy castle to be set up indoors, please let us know upon booking. For Toddler & Playhouse bouncy castles you will be required to unpeg the castle and move indoors immediately if rain occurs. For larger bouncy castles please get all electrical equipment including blowers and leads indoors, you will be given a tarpaulin to put over the deflated castles to cover completely until we arrive to collect if we haven't managed to get there before it rains. If you do not cover and let it get wet, you will loose your $100 bond. 
No shoes
No food or drink
No more than 6 children at one time
No jumping on the sides
No pushing or shoving
No sharps
No one over the age recommendation
No water play

Please if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.